Job skills training

Many migrants arrive in Hungary with work skills that are poorly defined or unsuitable for the Hungarian job market, and as a result, they often have difficulty securing employment. Migrants' Help offers a European Computer Driver´s License (ECDL) training course for migrants, on-site at the refugee center in Bicske, Hungary. Through our efforts, the Biscke refugee center has also been established as an accredited testing center for the ECDL examination.


Workshops on conflict resolution and alternatives to violence

The difficulties of refugee life can create an atmosphere of tension and uncertainty in which conflicts quickly escalate, even to the point of violence. These workshops are conducted by professional trainers on-site in refugee settlement centers in Hungary, with the aim of helping refugees build the skills to manage conflicts more effectively.

John von Neumann Computer Society for Migrants

MIGHelp collaborates with ECDL (NJSZT) Hungary

Social integration

Becoming established in a new country means more than arranging one's legal status. Migrants' Help offers support for critical social integration needs, for example by facilitating language training and helping refugees build connections with the local community, so that migrants may thrive in their new home.